Cohort Membership Expectations

To ensure that our program is effective and beneficial for all participants, we have established the following expectations for your participation in the 90-day bootcamp and beyond.

Mandatory Program Components
1. Active Participation: Attend and fully engage in all program sessions, including cohort kickoff, weekly success squad meetings, and any other mandatory events.

2. Personalized Goals: Define your career and personal growth goals. Regularly track your progress towards achieving them and submit updates.

3. Mentor Coffee Chats: Engage in a minimum of 4 mentor coffee chats per month to gain valuable insights and advice from experienced professionals.

4. Cohort Lead: During your assigned time, serve as the cohort lead by facilitating discussions, encouraging engagement, and ensuring a supportive environment.

5. Engage with Cohort: Actively participate in cohort discussions, forums, and activities to foster meaningful connections and shared learning.

Additional Components
1. Community Engagement: Be an active participant in the online community, providing guidance, answering questions, and sharing insights.

2. Skill-building Workshops: Attend workshops to enhance your professional skills and leadership capabilities.

3. Events: Participate in relationship building events to expand your industry connections and exchange ideas with peers.

4. Accountability Partnerships: Form accountability partnerships with cohort members to mutually support each other's progress.

5. Feedback and Reflection: Regularly provide constructive feedback to peers and reflect on your own growth journey.

Our Expectations of You
1. Commitment: Fully commit to the program and actively contribute to the cohort's success.

2. Accountability: Take ownership of your goals and actively work towards achieving them.

3. Collaboration: Collaborate with peers, mentors, and leaders to create a thriving learning community.
4. Growth Mindset: Embrace challenges and use feedback to continuously improve and grow.

5. Leadership Development: Actively participate in leadership development opportunities offered within the program.

Next Phase & Time Limit
1. Career Advancement: Strive to achieve your career advancement goals and demonstrate your leadership growth during the bootcamp.

2. Early Leadership Membership: Successfully meeting your goals will qualify you for our Early Leadership Membership with additional leadership-focused benefits.

3. Time Limit: You have 90 days to accomplish the defined progress benchmarks. Failure to meet expectations may result in adjustments to your membership benefits.

We're dedicated to empowering your leadership journey. Let's work together to unlock your full potential and create lasting impact!